What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Baji’? To some, it sounds like a type of far-eastern delicacy. However, to many, it reminds them of a compelling combination of classic-rock guitar progressions and solos, poppy melodies, punchy percussion, and blissful harmonies. This delicacy is not one of the tongue, but one of the ears. Baji was formed in late 2005 in an urban Denver basement. The band prides itself on creating music that they love, for people that they love. Coming from strong, closely-knit families, Baji has recreated that bond with one another while creating powerful music as a band; creating a buzz across the Colorado music scene. With the support of their families, friends, and fans, they have had the opportunity to write music that is not only mesmerizing instrumentally, but stimulating lyrically. Despite their youth, Baji shows a responsibility and professionalism that goes beyond their years. While vigorously playing shows in the Denver, Boulder, and Ft. Collins areas over the past 3 years, they have had a chance to polish their live performance. The band has received praise from all walks of life for their energy and uncanny ability to get the crowd involved in the show. After winning several battle of the bands and receiving recording time at independent studios in their earlier days, Baji decided to record at the Blasting Room Studios in Ft. Collins with engineer Andrew Berlin during the summer of ‘08. It was there where they recorded their de...

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