Bajinda behind the enemy lines

«Bajinda Behind the enemy lines» - a unique Russian band gathered two years ago. Since that time the guys have created a great and imposing musical material that will definitely interest both: the most sophisticated critics and the general public favourably accepting modern western trends brought to the domestic stage. A very special style created by the band has a propensity for indie-rock but still one can not describe it by giving the name of a single trend in modern music. Yet to determine the musical proximity to the well-known styles it should be said that the musicians grasped the creative work of such musical bands as Placebo and New Order in rock, U.N.K.L.E. in trip-hop, SPANK ROCK, N.E.R.D and THE STREETS in hip-hop as the most valuable material existing in world’s music. The creative conception of «Bajinda Behind the enemy lines» - the active mixing of different elements of different genres, traditions in the network of western culture on the border of intellectual “alternative” music and pop cliche; (that is called NINJA POP + KARATE ROCK!) formed under the influence of everything happening in modern culture and in pop music as its most active part. The musicians of «Bajinda Behind the enemy lines» attain an especially high for a Russian band quality of sound; they aim at creating a unique mood. The technical side of music is subordinated to it: the rhythm of the vocal with a delay (dub) effect is almost completely synchronized with the furious drums s...

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