Bajzel [meaning: mess] is the purest definition of one man show and one man band. He is a band. He is a musical chameleon tap dancing on pedals, live-looping guitar, bass and beats into virtuosic alternative art-rock exhilaration. His first LP was a breakthrough. Newsweek gave him a 2-page spread and hailed as best promising alternatvie artist. His video for Window won the director prize at Yach Film Music Video Awards (also was included in the compilation Woodstock Film Festival 2008). Bajzel took part in such festivals as SXSW Festival (USA), OFF-festival (PL) and Heineken Opener (PL). He was also invited to play live on MTV Iggy in New York. Bajzel is now preparing his fourth album directed towards audience spread all over the world - improvised planned psychedelic order of pure energy-madness in the form of a LP. It's hard to characterize with one accurate determination any music, but some people have tried to describe Bajzel's music, they included these terms: -blend of experimental, unpredictable, whimsical garage, indie, sexy electro and hints of folk -mixture of electro-infused rock -virtuostic alternative art-rock exhilaration -distortion-packed dance -rock and electronic madness Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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