there are multiple artists who use this name: 1) baker (baker & kisk) is a big hit VOCALOID producer. However, recently he supports other authors, rather than uploading his own original VOCALOID works. As a coproducer or arranger of many hit songs, he is still in a very important position. 2) BAKER was born and raised in Manhattan and has been singing and performing since childhood. Currently living and recording on both coasts, he has always been a fan of pop, even before he planned on making music himself. Despite his participation in several choirs, accappella groups, and musicals, BAKER’s real musical education came from Z100 radio and listening to everyone from Anthony Kiedis and Madonna to Sting and Chris Martin from a young age. And, after living in different cities over the years such as London, Los Angeles, and Florence, BAKER’s musical tastes have only broadened and his influences quite varied, offering diversified, uptempo pop music that blends everything from techno and trip-hop to big pop ballads and R&B. He’s currently a senior at Harvard. BAKER began recording in August of 2007 and has already attracted attention for his strong voice and keen pop sensibility. In fact, his career as a solo artist began almost by accident. While living in LA, he found himself going out every night in Hollywood and met his first producer while chatting with DJs at Teddy’s just talking about music. That’s when his Nirvana cover, ‘Heart Shaped Box’, was recorded. T...

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