Baker Act

Baker Act was a ska-punk band from Gainesville, Florida from 1994 until 2002. During that time, they released several low-budget production as well as songs on local, Florida, and national ska-punk compilations. Fiercly DIY and often comically low budget, they once continued on tour after duct tapping their bumber back onto their van. The band took its name from a Florida law allowing for the temporary institutionalization of youth by police officers. The law is controversial because it gives institutionalizing power to the police beyond arrest without need for a doctor's diagnosis. Originally, the band chose the name after “baker act’ing” a suicidal family member. Over the years, they met dozens of youths who had been abused by the law. At times members of the band were squatting or homeless. This struck a chord between the band and influential bands Crimpshrine and Fifteen. Struggle was the common theme in each person's life and song topics included coming of age, suicide, depression, authority, tradition, and inter-personal relationships. Band members were active over the years in Gainesville Food Not Bombs, United Students Against Sweatshop Labor, SOA protests, 2000 Innaguration protests, and homelessness outreach. Line-up The band featured Matt Camaratta on guitars and vocals, Jon Decarmine (jon doesn’tcount) on bass and vocals, Rob van Hoose (rob redbeard, rob baker) on drums, David Fuss on trombone, Ken Lewis on trumpet and vocals, and Louis Rosen on ...

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