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Baksey Cham Krong (also spelled Baksey Chamkrong or Baksei Chamkrong) was a rock band active in pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodia. Named after a temple at the Angkor site., they are regarded as Cambodia's first guitar band or first rock band. Baksey Cham Krong formed in 1959, with Mol Kagnol, his brother Mol Kamach, and Samley Hong. The Mol brothers were from a wealthy family and were able to listen to Western radio stations, becoming influenced by singers Paul Anka and Pat Boone, plus the guitar-driven music of The Ventures and Chuck Berry. Mol Kagnol, 14 years old at the time and nicknamed Uncle Solo, played lead guitar while Kamach performed vocals.They likened themselves to Cliff Richard and The Shadows, and modeled their stage presence after Richard's 1961 movie The Young Ones. Ben Sisario of The New York Times described the band's sound as an innocently romantic brand of surf-rock. They gained popularity throughout Cambodia but due to their parents' disapproval, and the unlikelihood of turning music into a viable career, the group broke up in 1966. Some members went on to form another group called Bayon Band. Mol Kamach went to college to study finance, and Mol Kagnol went on to study engineering. Kagnol joined the military and was training in the United States when the Khmer Rouge took power in 1975, killing at least 20 of the Mol brothers' family members during the ensuing Cambodian Genocide. The band was featured in the 2015 documentary film Don't Think I've Forgotten. In...

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