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Baku Llama is a three piece band based in Duarte, CA: David Bernath on guitars, bass and keyboards; Ann Bernath on drums, vocals and piano; and Rick Whitehurst on piano and keyboards. When we asked them how they came up with the band’s name, their answer was: “A Baku is a mythical Japanese monster who eats bad dreams and nightmares. A Llama is just a llama. We honestly just picked the name out of thin air and we all agreed it fit the mythical feeling of the music somehow”. The band is deservedly receiving positive reactions for their recent album. Although they recorded another CD before this one (Devour My Evil Dream), they consider ERIS to be their first official release. All three members have full time jobs, so the music is a labor of love for them. David plays a Strat, a Telecaster and a Lindert guitar through Marshall and Boogie amps, also Guild and Taylor acoustic guitars. He plays a midi controlled Alesis Nano piano on two of the album tracks. He did all the recording, mastering and mixing in his studio, since he was experienced in this domain (he worked as an intern at a major recording studio). He was also trained as a classical guitarist. Ann plays Yamaha drums and does all the vocals on ERIS. She plays piano on “Discord” and “Discord Resolved”. Vocally trained, Ann also reads music. “She is a soft hitting drummer that can instantly on the spot come up with interesting beats and changeups and can hang on tight to the music wherever David goes whil...

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