There are multiple artists with this name: 1 - Bay Area rapper 1) An American pop rock group. 2) A Slovak rock band from Bratislava. 3) A Swedish straight edge hardcore band. 4) A Finnish rap-artist. ( 5) A New Zealand hardcore band. 6) A Japanese female pop trio produced by Japanese mega producer Komuro Tetsuya (小室哲哉). 7) A German fusion/breakbeat jazz band. 8) A Japanese Hardcore band 9) An Australian deathgrind band. 10) A Dutch rockband from the eighties 1) American pop rock group made up of singer Peppy Castro, formerly of The Blues Magoos, guitarist Bob Kulick and keyboardist Doug Katsaros. Their first album Balance and singles Breaking Away and Falling in Love made the charts in 1981 and 1982. For their second album,In for the Count, they added bassist Dennis Feldman and drummer Chuck Burgi, but broke up after its release. 2) Slovak rock band from Bratislava, grounded in June 2006, playing brisk music balancing on the edge between funk, rock and pop. They recorded their first four-song demo Weather Forecast in July 2007. Band members are Babari (vocals), Radka (bass), Beny (guitar), Ivet (drums). Disbanded in 2007. The succeeding band is called Free for Funk. 3) Swedish, Lund City straight edge, Hemgården Hardcore on Not Just Words Records (demo tape, In like a lion 7 2008, hårda tider split 7 2009.) RIP Band Members Johan (Vocals) Kalle (Bass) Ulf (Guitar) Max (Drums) 4) Finnish...

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