Balance Interruption

Winter of 2005… From black cosmic nebula our squad (among three ones) put ashore the corrupted soil – planet Earth (Ukraine, Kiev). NK (ex Aggravath, vocals/guitars), Yar (drums), Daemon (bass/guitars). Right away was specified the concrete direction — Black Metal, specific tactics undernamed Destroy It All, and general layout — to evolve new empire on Earth — The Empire of Balance Interruption. In 2006 was completed the work over first experiment — demo Formula. New formula of human's existence was disclosed. In the same year occurred first band’s performance — the first act of usurpation (Kiev). In 2007 squad starts to destroy cities of Ukraine and Russia. On August 24th in Moscow was presented our first nuclear dimensioned weapon — CD Nuclear War for Rescue. Self-destruction — result that human so long have gone towards it, not realizing its sense in most. New epoch will come… In 2008 new warrior Zork (guitars) endorsed to detachment of Balance Interruption. In the same year squad visits cities of Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine as well as completes the work over its new creation — second album Deserts of Ashes. The New Epoch, Post Nuclear Age and beginning of mechanical human's elaboration (cyborg without emotions, feelings, personality…). The New Age is submission to only regime — Chaos, which we generate in each sound. The New Empire raises over ruins of the past… Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative ...

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