Balance and The Traveling Sounds

Balance And The Traveling Sounds combine a variety of musical tastes, cultural backgrounds, eclectic grooves and lush harmonies to create an innovative, captivating and addicting sound accessible by any music enthusiast. This powerhouse of soul, funk, jazz and hip-hop-inspired grooves is composed of seven diverse musicians from a variety of metropolises up and down the Golden Coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego). Comprised of producer EBO, MC KIRB, vocalist Rudy Love Jr. , drummer Brijesh Pandya, saxophonist Jeff Kolhede, guitarist Nick Bartsche, and bass guitarist Scott Fulton. Balance And The Traveling Sounds formed in September 2008 with the intention to create a musical genre that knows no borders. With this mission in mind, BTS released their first album, “Travel Guide Volume I” in March 2009 to critical acclaim and positive reception from both newfound fans and patrons alike. The album abounds with creative raps and smooth vocals painting tracks occupied with themes of escape, honesty and the courage to achieve greatness. Clearly setting them apart from the otherwise virtually identical musical acts in the game, this seven-man lineup incorporates live instrumentation throughout both the album and their live performances to breathe novelty and life into the samples and found sounds integrated throughout their tracks. “Travel Guide Volume I” also paved the way for the group’s recently released “Departure EP,” which reinforces BTS’s genre-blendi...

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