from the bands myspace page: MEMBERS: finkelstein [aviad albert] - sampler mixer david opp - drums triggers sampler, voice About BALATA For the natural latex see Balatá Balata (32°12'N 35°17'E; Arabic: ???? ??????) is the name of a Palestinian refugee camp established on the West Bank in 1950 adjacent to the city of Nablus. It currently houses 21,445 registered refugees. Residents of the camp suggest that the number of residents is closer to 30,000. It is currently the largest refugee camp in the West Bank. The United Nations funds a school in the Balata camp, which educates around 4,000 pupils. The Israeli army considers Balata camp to be the 'center of terror activity' in the West Bank; Palestinians, on the other hand, consider it to be the center of resistance to Israeli occupation there. Balata residents took leading roles in both Palestinian intifadas, the first in the late 1980s through the early 1990s and the second in the first five years of the new millennium. In 1987, when people in the Gaza Strip ignited the first intifada (literally, 'shaking off'), Balata camp was the first community in the West Bank to engage in violence. Balata is one of the densest locations on earth. Less than 2 square kilometers in size, 30,000 people live in its concrete block houses. The architecture of the camp is unique. In 1950, the UN gave the refugees from the Yaffa area temporary housing. These people initially refused the UN's offers, stating their eagerness to return to th...

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