From a common French upbringing to a dizzying, excessive Hollywood lifestyle that would provide her with an abundance of lyrical content and a tale that only a star could tell. Balay was born an only child to a young Parisian couple. Her mother was a singer and her father made pocket watches. Balay grew up to the music of Francoise Hardy along with the influence that Electronic and House music had on Paris in the 90's. When Balay was only eight years old her mother took her to a night at the Madonna Girlie Show Tour. She still can recall the encore performance of Justify my love and Madonna's erotic connection with the crowd. This had a profound effect on the young girl, at that moment she found her purpose and would later insist that her parents send to her to the US. At the age of ten Balay found herself in Hollywood living with her mother's cousin in a small apartment off of Melrose. As a young teenager Balay found herself caught up in the obscurity of the LA underground where she was exposed to drugs and delinquency. She knew that she never wanted to fall victim to a path of addiction and chemical abuse. Balay found sanctity in poetry and singing. It was a personal release at first, but she later found that people would be left breathtaken at the tone and honesty in her voice. Balay continued writing and singing. She used personal relationships and her young, curious sexuality to create themes for her songs. She would title her first track Boy Love after an obsessi...

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