There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Balboa is a screamo / post-metal type band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The members met on September 11 2001 at a canceled house show. Originally part of the Set Sail Collective a DIY positive music space in West Philly, Balboa writes songs with many political leanings. They have toured the US as well as Japan multiple times. Pin-pointing a genre or reason for this band seems nothing greater than just four long time friends using Balboa as a vessel to play music and share ideas. Songs in English, French, and Spanish. 2. Balboa is a 5 piece beatdown deathcore band based in Eupen (East-Belgium) formed by some members of Des Mafios in 2007 - 2008. Play a mixture of metalcore and death metal with a lot of brutal death metal homage. In February 2009 the time had come to record a first demo/mcd called a new champ is born which they recorded in the Jackstudio in Belgium. On this CD you will find 2 great featurings: Tito from Surge Of Fury and Jason from Last Round. 3. Balboa is a francophone rock band based in Montreal, Canada. It is formed by actor Remi-Pierre Paquin, director Jean-François Rivard and their friend, François Lachance. 4. Balboa was an indie rock band based in Knoxville Tennessee in the 1980s. They were fronted by legendary Knoxville musician Terry Hill.

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