Baldrs Draumar

General: Baldrs Draumar is a Viking/Folk Metal band hailing from the north of the Netherlands. The band’s name represents the prophetic dreams of the Norse god Baldr. Baldrs Draumar was founded in 2008 by Schaduwlied, Zuypschuyt and Dondervuyscht. 2009: Warriors Wildgeraesch and Roodstaal join the ranks and Baldrs Draumar makes her live debut with Latvian folkmetal band Skyforger. On the 21st of November the promo CD “Til Horisonten” is released, the promo contains three songs telling the story of a bunch of drunken Vikings trying to pillage Britannia but instead they land on the Frisian shore. 2010: The journey goes on and Baldrs Draumar keeps playing shows with bands such as Heidevolk and Wizard. Guitarist Vuurschpuwer joins the band and replaces Roodstaal who had left the band due to musical differences. The EP, in Frisian language, “Noardseegermanen” is released on the 13th of November. Recordings of the debut album begin. 2011: Baldrs Draumar plays on Ketterfest, Dokkem Open Air and other stages/festivals with bands like Hammerfall, Alestorm, Heljareyga and Kampfar. The recording of the full-length album “Forfedres Fortellinger” was finished mid 2011 and the album is released on the 25th of November together with In Extremo. The album contains eleven songs and tells the complete saga of the Norse god Baldr. Baldrs Draumar is: Wildgeraesch - Vocals Vuurschpuwer - Guitar Schaduwlied - Keys Zuypschuyt - Bass Dondervuyscht – Drums Official channels: www....

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