Baldwin Games

Baldwin Games. After twenty years of fighting over music, the Baldwin brothers finally have put aside their differences to create one band. All with professional music backgrounds from all walks of the music industry they play until they are out of breath and then play some more. Originally from Newbury Park, California and currently in Provo, Utah, Baldwin Games is ready to do what they were born to do, play music that rocks your soul. Sweet enough for the girls and hard enough for the boys. Vitals: Kevin Baldwin – bass guitar, ukelele and vocals. Kevin is the youngest in the band but probably looks the manliest. Often popular for his performances on the ukelele (a small instrument for such large hands) and his way with the girls he provides the depth for Baldwin Games, be it with his bass guitar or bass voice. Kevin has been known to stop class in school by playing renditions of Michael Jackson’s Thriller on his uke. With several years of vocal experience, he is not to be taken lightly. Kenny Baldwin – piano, baritone ukelele and vocals. Kenny has been singing and playing piano professionally since he was 16 years old. Often times while growing up he would forget to eat as he spent up to ten hours at the keys trying to pound out new tunes. Kenny has sang in front of all sorts of crowds, from thousands of spectators to small crowds including Dick VanDyke. Turning in his piano and microphone at bars, restaurants, choirs and theater troupes he is ready to bring some h...

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