Balearik Soul

Fancy a fight on the front-line of the Acid House/Balearic wars? On the dancefloor. Behind the decks. Selling records. Stand at the counter of Inner Rhythm. A shop whose staff also included Ross Allen, Boxsaga and gave rise to labels such as Quick Release, PAN and Auto. Simultaneously champion Chi-Town jack tracks and the re-birth of Disco (in the process give early remix work to DJ Harvey). Give Funk and Hip Hop tips to the likes of Andrew Weatherall. Run some parties with the Idjuts. Paul is an acknowledged musical historian. Historian might suggest someone living in the past. But you must understand the past to appreciate the future. Paul surely does this with his music. Playing modal jazz next to Claussell`s Spiritual Life releases. Dub reggae alongside Techno`s minimal reductions. Some might be so obsessed with the future that the past is ignored. Others so stuck in the “good old bad old” days that life has stopped. Mr Williams isn’t afraid to be caught dancing to a Mungolian Jetset production. Likewise, he don’t care if you see him raise his arms aloft as the needle drops on “Stop Bajon”. Be sometimes known as Balearik Soul. Help form the Beard Science collective. Aligned thinkers from around the globe, each playing a role in the support and promotion of emerging artists. Stay intent on the new. Contribute to the discussions held at Take to task a scene that frequently seems to have lost the open-minded spirit that gave rise to ...

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