BALFOR was formed in November 1997 in a small town in eastern Ukraine, initially as a side project of Thorgeir - vocal/bass/guitar, and guitarist Svart, to play a style of Black Metal that they came to define as Ukrainian Barbaric Black Metal, a name that only partly explains the kind of dark, dramatic music they play. Music that is an epic, melodic and a blastingly fast mixture of Black and Death Metal - all tinged with its own particular Ukrainian that which is very much a tribute to the band’s homeland and rich history. BALFOR released their first album “Volki Severa” in 2001, and, encouraged by the positive reviews, Thorgeir decided to concentrate all his energies on BALFOR and develop the band further. In a move calculated to bring BALFOR to the attention of a much larger audience, “Pure Barbaric” was released for free download via a net label in 2006. It was a move that proved to be extremely successful in terms of raising the band’s profi¬le and garnering a substantial following throughout the world, ultimately leading to the band being signed by Pulverised Records for the release of “Barbaric Blood” in 2010. BALFOR’s fan base, and reputation, was further increased by various live and festival appearances including tours throughout Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain and Portugal and performances at major festivals Dong Open Air, Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Global East, Metal Heads Mission as well as an impressive...

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