Balkan Fanatik

Balkan Fanatik was established in 2002 by Georgios Tzortzoglou (Yorgos) and Gábor Lepés (Lepe). Their goal was to help preserve the musical heritage of Eastern-Europe and the Balkans, to pass this heritage on to young audiences with the help of popular electronic music. Their music is one of a kind, it is not only the mixture of folk music and electronic music but more. Besides keeping the heritage alive, theyre interpreting the rich musical culture of this region so the people of today grow to like and understand it. Balkan Fanatik injects synth pop, hip hop, and contemporary electronic dance music into traditional Eastern-European folk sounds. This is also presented in their stage performance: they often invite folk dancers of the National Ensemble as well as modern dancers to play an important part of the show which is highlighted by backdrop multimedia, and extensive light show. Yorgos is the Heart. He is native Greek but was born in Hungary. He represents a mythical meeting point of the different cultures in Eastern-Europe, singing folk songs, and playing almost each and every typical folk-instrument of the region such as lute, trump, flute, shepherds' pipe and hurdy gurdy. Lepe is the Brain. He plays the keyboard, he is a Programmer, Sound Engineer, and Producer. He puts the things together. He has been working with Ákos, one of Hungary's most established stars for over 10 years. He is also the Producer/Sound engineer of many other Hungarian charted productions. VID...

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