Biography: Balkantronika is a team from Berlin, Germany. They produce music and make DJ/Live performances. At first Balkantronika was a party series, founded by DJ Beatshock, which has been taking place on a regular basis since 2003 in selected clubs in Berlin. In 2008 Datax joined DJ Beatshock and Balkantronika Productions was founded. Balkan Mashina completed the crew in 2009: Balkantronika Sound System was born. They released several tracks and made remixes for well known bands, mostly from the Balkan region. Balkantronika Sound System played in many Berlin clubs, in several cities in Germany and in Eastern Europe. In 2010 they participated in notable music festivals like the legendary Fusion Festival in Germany. Music description: The sound of Balkantronika is innovative: electronic and mostly paired with traditional Balkan Sounds. Far away from the so-called “Russian Disco”, the crew established this sound in underground avant-garde clubs where there is usually no space for folklore and traditional music. Balkantronika creates cool grooves and deep basslines and brings them in line with old traditional instruments. So a bridge between tradition and modernity is built and new music styles are developed. Styles: Balkan electro / Balkan tech / Balkan minimal / Balkan breaks / Balkan drum n bass / Folkstep Balkantronika Sound System: Balkantronika Sound System primarily consists of the DJ’s Beatshock, Datax and the Balkan-Electro Live act Balkan Mashina. Regularl...

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