Ballad Bombs

Ballad Bombs have released a new song (demo version), called Black Rose (For Valentine's Day) and they are working on their forthcoming album The Beautiful And Damned (to be released in 2011/12). Ballad Bombs are a darkwave/ post punk/ electronic/ post industrial/ alternative band based in Germany. They started in the mid 80s in Göttigen with former The Fynecry singer and guitar player AJ (Armin Jeff Johnert), Mark Walter (drums) and Stephan Schönrock (Bass, Keyboards). The band played several gigs and recorded a demo tape Dirty Rats (including their Smith influenced indie club hit Mr Smeagol) and a fill length album And Then We Danced. The Album was re-released 2007 on CD and for downloading. Xmas 2012 Bb have released a video for their alternative 80s clubhit All I Need. This is to be followed by a brand new single called Why Why Why for which the band will do a video as well. A new album The Beautiful And Damned - if ever released - is almost ready. Howevere most of the new Ballad Bombs songs, such as Song For You (You can find the video on Youtube) or Black Rose are more or less demo quality and not properly arranged and mixed yet. Who knows when or if BB will be able to finish their new songs. Stay tuned! More info under: or Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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