Ballad For Romantic

Formed in the mid 2006, with the original concept as a melodic band, with the name MELODIC MAKER. The early formation is Sendy (bass/vocals), Ikhsan (guitar/backing vocals), and Rizal (drums). Along with the development of music in Malang, MELODIC MAKER morphed into an emo band with a vocalist Malik (currently ELLIAS voc). With this formation BALLAD FOR ROMANTIC stay quite a long time. Because of the incompatibility of vision and mission, BALLAD FOR ROMANTIC split, sendy (bass) formed a new band by referring Malik (ex vocalist ballad) formed a band with a Screamo concept ELLIAS, while Ikhsan (guitar) and Rizal (drums) remained in BALLAD FOR ROMANTIC, by bringing a new bassist and vocalist Amir (ex bassist LAST MAN STANDING) and Deny (ex voc standing alive), but this formation did not last long and finally in the mid-2007 BALLAD FOR ROMANTIC must vacuum. After a long vacuum, in the mid-2008, sendy (bass) returns to become a part of Ballad For Romantic with a new vocalist named Titok (vocalist of PINGPONGDASH), the merging back of sendy and titok brings a new flavor into the music of BALLAD FOR ROMANTIC streams that have been brought into the genre of screamo. Having survived by four personnel, BALLAD FOR ROMANTIC start the decision to add a guitarist to complete the formation of the band. Jevry, a melodic death metal band's guitarist, SOUL OF PAIN (which is currently vacuum) as the guitarist who helped Ikhsan in filling the guitar. Jevry presence is very helpful and greatly a...

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