BALLERINA is a band coming from town of Bandung - Indonesia. BALLERINA alone have music concept of Progressive Metal or many people mention him of Progmet. Germinal of BALLERINA alone come from name of Suhunan Roots which have stood since year 1998 and at that moment one who share is Nico ( guitar lead ), Lany ( Vocal ), Gani ( Bass), Iwan ( guitar ), and Taufan ( Drum ). Year 2002 name of Suhunan Roots have change name to become BALLERINA at that moment drum position replaced by Arie. Name of BALLERINA alone taken away from one of the song title of album of Steve Vai, philosophy id ballerina represent dancer / very beautiful dance type but requiring skill which really train, so also music of progressive to children of BALLERINA that is a music type which if listened really hence will felt interesting and unique, but to play music of progressive require ability and skill which train. That'S reason of an why BALLERINA used as by the name of band. One who share BALLERINA of year 2004 until now is Opi ( vocal ), Nico ( Guitar ), Gani ( bass), and Riky ( drum ). Year 2004 BALLERINA try to release album of indie entitling HAYAL , just only in that album of its music concept do not too progressive because idea there is still Commercial at that moment. Year 2005 BALLERINA try harder so that result of its masterpiece can be heard by more people, and to the last BALLERINA accepted and joint forces with IPS ( Indonesian Progressive Society) and year 2006 again release album of progres...

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