Ballerina Black

Bobby Moynahan, erratic front man for the Los Angeles, California based three-piece, Ballerina Black, isn't super pissed off about the comparisons his band receives. Aside from two of the members being constantly mistaken for the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the guitarist for Radiohead, their sound is dramatically reminiscent of post-punk 80's and the grunge infused 90's. The best compliment we've ever received, for me, was from a fan after a show. He told me we sounded like Nirvana doing Cure covers. Those bands are two of our biggest influences and have always inspired some form of hope for me, in spite of their dark parts and elements of despair. Not only has Moynahan, bassist Esli Sugich, and drummer Leonard Nimms managed to get on two of L.A.'s largest radio stations in less than a year of the bands inception in 2008, the group has also landed an impressive amount of placements including MTV, ESPN Tokyo, and Gossip Girls' Season Premier Promo theme song. Cattle Arithmetic, Ballerina Black's debut album, is set for digital release globally on iTunes New Years 2010. The record bleeds with energetic despair pierced with shards of hope. The lazy urgency of 90% is a hypnotic temper tantrum with lyrics professing Wait today... and we're just yesterday while the uber-pop single Microphones in the Mattress laments Help me with a pulsating bass line sure to yank you out of your seat. To be honest, we enjoy wringing ourselves out physically and emotionally on s...

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