Ballin' Jack

Ballin'jack was a pop-rock band of the early 1970s that had jazz and African percussion influences. Their sound was similar to that of Chicago (= Chicago Transit Authority) since they also had horns. Luther Rabb was their main lead singer and front man. Luther Rabb later played with the bands War and Santana, and released one solo album of funk music in the disco era. Luther Rabb only recently died, in 2006. Anyone who has heard the 1989 hit Bust A Move by Young MC has indirectly listened to Ballin'jack via that song's sampled guitar-and-percussion riff, which was taken from Ballin'jack's 1970 song Found A Child. Ballin'jack released only four albums total, along with a few singles such as Super Highway. Their songs were played mostly only on FM radio, especially Found a Child, Hold On, and Come 'Round Here. The band had a mixture of black and white musicians. The band was together from 1969-1974. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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