Balloons and Weaponry

Balloons and Weaponry is a highly experimental two-piece electronica band from various places in the Midwest. It consists of musicians Benjaxmino L'amante and JPEG, who have had many music projects together in the past, varying from acoustic music to punk rock and metal, but that's just the overview. Here is the story: JPEG and Ben have been friends since elementary school, and have always been cooking up some new scheme to have fun. In the early/mid-2000's both of them got very involved in music. JPEG played bass, and Benjaxmino played guitar. Over the years, they picked up new instruments and musical tastes, causing them to become very diverse in their music taste. Their original project was titled White Picket Fence, and it was a hardcore punk band. The idea and the drive was there, but recently after starting it Ben moved to Wisconsin, leaving JPEG in Michigan. The band dissolved, but not the friendship. Ben would periodically come back to visit sometimes, and both of them wrote several pieces under a different name. The Entire Internet. These songs ended up being more metal than anything, but also had some clean touches to them. This project is technically still going, but is on hold. Recently JPEG moved to Wisconsin in the area of Ben allowing for great collaboration. With their new found interest in techno, electronica, and drum 'n bass, they started this project: Balloons & Weaponry. Ben moved once again to attend college in Minneapolis, but this p...

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