There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Ballroom are a current band from New Jersey who play a mix of what's been called hyper rhythmic post rock. Ballroom are comprised of: Steve Honoshowsky- drums and vocals, Mike Biskup - guitar and keys, Vincent Brue - bass and vocals In 2012, they released their debut album Enter the Ballroom 2) Ballroom were a britpop from the mid-to-late 1990s. They released a handfull of singles on Mother Records, including The Rise of the Catwalk Queen, Silent Singers, Don't Stop, Take It and Through the Day, and one full length album, Day After Day. 3) Ballroom is an alias of Marc O'Tool. Born and raised in Essen, Germany - producer and DJ Marc O`Tool (30) is handled as one of Germany’s most talented and uprising progressive house pioneers. Marco has been influencing the electronic musicscene from the early age of 20 years. His first records, which have been produced only with a very minimal homestudio, already gained support from top-dj?s such as Westbam and were a main part of the early days of House and Techno. In these days Marco was also running very popular club events where he used to bring DJs like Laurent Garnier or Robert Hood over to germany to present underground music to an open-minded audience. His first years in business of course were more fun than business, but Marco more and more wanted to become a developing part of the electronic music scene. Music became a fulltime job for him meanwhile, not only as a producer, but...

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