There are at least four different bands called Balls. 1) Balls was a short-lived band from the United Kingdom formed by Rory Attwell, Sam Mehran, and Ferry Gouw in the early 2000's. The band unofficially split when Ferry Gouw went home to his native Indonesia for a summer when Balls had been booked to play with The Unicorns. Rory and Sam asked their old friend Devonte Hynes to replace Ferry for the gig. This trio would soon go on to form the well-known, short-lived, but highly-praised outfit known as Test Icicles who signed with Domino Records and became pioneers in the New-Rave scene, despite only being around for about a year and a half. 2) Balls were a Finnish rock band, heavily influenced with blues, rockabilly, lo-fi and psychedelia. They were most active between 1989 to 2003, but they still play live occasionally. Their best known album is Jungle in a Barrel from 1995. Lineup: Marjo Leinonen, vocals / Petri Peevo, guitar / Tipi Järvinen, guitar / Jari Paulamäki, bass / Sami Vettenranta, drums / Pera Huuskonen, guitar / Jimi Sero, bass (1990-1996) / Rane Raitsikka, bass (1989-1990). After Balls, Marjo Leinonen and Sami Vettenranta started a band called Viranomaiset. Petri Peevo started playing guitar for The Flaming Sideburns. In 2005 the essential recordings of Balls were compiled and released as Fastlane Through The History of the Balls, 1988-2003 (Low Frequency Records, 2005) Guitarist Tipi Järvinen passed away on 3.12.2007. 3) Balls was a short-lived supergro...

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