Black Metal band formed by Gorgoroth who currently lives in Australia. Gorgoroth in his illimitable genius bought together a number of times a creation of such torchured battle agonies in the likes of Alexander the Bass Detonator & the Mechanic the Battery,(Former Sadistik Exekution). This brutal carnage lasted between 1995 till 1998. Their was 4 Live battle shows as well in Sydney. Little while later Alexander remained while the crazy Mechanic moved on and was replaced by Archelai who was latter featured on the Kral Na Dva Svetoj recorded in 1998 released in 2000. Then after that Alexander moved on & Archelai dissapeared and was never seen till this day. During the early period the follwoing assaults were unleashed: Macedonian Darkness & Evil-1994/95, Zagiantiot Grad-1998,Then also in the year of 1998 Gorgoroth set out to unknown lands, Lands he had never been to. Also to join forces with the Italian Black/Death horde Mortifier. With a new Extreme of Dark Evil power was formed BUIO OMEGA in the year of 1998. Then was unleashed: Thy Dark Conquest 1999. As time went by Gorgoroth kept working hard to produce other material, line up after lineup until the year of 2002 he set out again to others lands & finally found the right mercinaries to full fill his mission. It was Germany he found the undifying brutal man Lord Of Aeveron for the Battering drums of War & carnage. Together in the City of Pirna in Dresden/Germany was created the new work of art. Still having the heavy touche...

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