BAMASELO was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, in the year 2001. The name BAMASELO is spontaneously born upon the first band rehearsals an it simply means “let’s do it” in spanish. Originally a strictly reggae roots band, with time and evolution, the band has integrated sounds from dancehall and rocksteady, through political & conscious to smooth reggae, with their influences from their latin sound to create a unique and powerful sound. BAMASELO is a complete reggae band and each member is a distinct piece to the puzzle. Michael Livingston: Main Vocals (see below) Daniel Perez: Vocals & Backing Vocals, Lead & Riddim Guitar Kumary Sawyers: Backing Vocals Jose Estebam Carmona: Bass Guitar Solar: Drums Noni: Percussion David Perez: Riddim Guitar Cristian Boyer: Keyboards Jorge Dannenberger: Trombone BAMASELO came to be from a newspaper ad. Back in 2001, it was posted an ad in the classifieds asking people who were interested in reggae and played an instrument to contact him. After meeting , the group fired up and began rehearsing. But after meeting the singer Michael Livingston, the group consolidated so it was time to play the first gigs. This is how the band came to be. Members of the actual band have taken part in other projects in Costa Rica music scene before, which include Gandhi, Mekatelyu, Pushin and Nada. With time, the meaning for BAMASELO has come to reflect almost an ideology for the band, being a crude analogy for ACTION! This sense of movement the band has refl...

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