Bambee was Desirée Sparre-Enger a well-known Traditional Bubblegum dance artist from Norway. Bambee's music is well-known by fans of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), in which many of her biggest hits were regularly used. Some of her most famous songs are Bumble Bee, Spaceman, Online, Typical Tropical, and her very first single Candy Girl. Name Origin Desirée chose the name Bambee as a reference to her eyes, as people often told her they are comparable to the eyes of Bambi from Disney's famous animated film. Originally, Desirée had considered using the name Bambi but changed the spelling to avoid copyright issues. History / Brief Biography Desirée discovered the wonderment of pop music at the age of two, and has kept the style and glamour of the pop-beat till today. All through her school years, Desirée frequently initiated pupils’ performances with herself in the leading parts. Desirée performed in such musicals as The Sound Of Music and Les Miserables, and her talent as a performer continued to grow. Desirée was working for the youth department in a national radio station when she first reached out for stardom. One day, a producer asked her if she wanted to sing the chorus for a song. Grabbing the opportunity, “Candy Girl” became the result. She decided to release the song as a single and signed on to Scandinavian Records. Now she needed a name. She got in touch with her good friend and singer, Shortcut, and they had a name brain-storming for Desirée. The fi...

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