How do you introduce a band like Bambix? We are tempted to say not at all as the three-piece from Nijmegen, Holland surely doesn’t need any silly introductions any more. But just for the fun of it, here are some buzzwords for you: Punkrock, Energy, a charismatic female voice and great, great melodies is what Bambix is all about. Bambix certainly is one of the best female fronted punk outlets on this planet. Along with their fifth album to date “Bleeding in a Box” which will finally hit stores on February 18th the band managed to make another step forward. Songs about hypocrisy, tolerance, relationships and Tyra Banks who turns out to be a dog - they all capture the spirit that has always driven the band to keep doing what they’re doing: “All the spirit that we got just by playing our songs, all the people that we met who would gladly sing along, gave us everything we wanted and sometimes even more”. But listen for yourselves! German: Eine Bandinfo ?ber Bambix? Wir sind der Meinung, das ist mittlerweile ?berfl?ssig, denn das Punkrock-Trio aus Nijmegen, Holland hat solche l?stigen Einf?hrungen eigentlich gar nicht mehr n?tig. Damit es nicht komplett langweilig wird, trotzdem ein paar Schlagworte, wie immer zum Abtippen: Punk, Energie, Leidenschaft, charismatischer Frauengesang und gro?artige Melodien - wirft man das alles in einen Mixer und sch?ttelt kr?ftig, dann bekommt man zumindest schon mal ein Gef?hl f?r das, was Bambix ausmacht: Wohl eine, wenn nicht die beste Pun...

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