The name Bamboo is shared by multiple artists: (1) An alternative rock band founded in 2002 in the Philippines. (2) A rap artist from Philadelphia living in Pittsburgh. (3) A 1979 German disco group, Side project of Supermax. (4) A short-lived British house production act. (5) A Rap artist from Nairobi, Kenya (6) A Swedish 60's pop group from Stockholm (1) an alternative rock band founded in 2002 in the Philippines by vocalist Bamboo Mañalac. Contrary to popular belief, the band was not named after him. According to guitarist Ira Cruz, the word bamboo also relates to strength and durability with an island feel to it. Rounding up the band are Nathan Azarcon on bass and Vic Mercado on drums. Francisco Bamboo Mañalac finally confirmed the breakup of his band in an official statement posted before midnight of January 11, 2011 on the group's website. (2) a rap artist, singer, producer from Philadelphia living in Pittsburgh, PA. His second, new full-length album is sleighted for release in 2011. (3) A German disco group consisting of Gerda Cronie, Glendora Maria Robles and Haydee Simona Cyntje produced by Austrian Kurt Hauenstein, which makes Bamboo to a sideproject of his rather famous Supermax project. (4) a short-lived British house production act formed by producer Andrew Livingstone, formerly of Hed Boys (with Dave Lee/Joey Negro). It had a #2 hit in the UK Singles Chart with Bamboogie in 1998, which was based on a sample from the KC And The Sunshine Band song G...

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