Bamboo Industry

Bamboo Industry was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1983, by Ingo Ito and George DIN (see Gabriel Le Mar and George DIN). They originally conceived Bamboo Industry as a pop-duo project, mixing industrial sounds with influences of traditional asian music. After they had recorded their first demo-tapes this way, they were joined by additional musicians and the musical concept shifted to an alternative pop band of the eighties with a touch of Bamboo. The first band line-up in 1985 was: * Ingo Ito: guitars + lead vocals * George DIN: acoustic guitars + lead vocals * Robin Loxley: keyboards They were joined some time later by bass player Susa Lie and live drummer Nick. This five piece band started to do concerts in Berlin and Germany in 1987, starting with a bummer show at a club called Der geteilte Elektriker (The Split Electrician). One of their concerts was visited by Heiko Maile of Camouflage and this started a fruitful connection between Bamboo Industry/Ingo Ito and Camouflage for the next 10 years or so. George DIN also started some side projects on his own, which made him meet Gabriel Le Mar, with whom he´s still doing records today. But during the following years, DIN frequently joined Bamboo Industry for live concerts and studio work. The first Bamboo Industry records were the singles Hypnotized and No Words, both produced by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Einstürzende Neubauten). While Hypnotized had a major release in 1984, No Words was unfortunately neve...

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