Ban Rarra

For more information see BÁN - Band or group of people organized with a definite goal. RARRA - People dressed in costumes; To dance together the characteristic dance of the Cuban Carnival (comparsa) Grupo Bán Rarra was formed in 1994 by Isaias Rojas Ramirez. He is the groups choreographer, researcher and also a musician and dancer. Sr Rojas is a graduate of the Instituto Superior de Artes de Cuba (ESA) In the late nineteenth century, many refugees from the Haitian Revolution settled in eastern Cuba. Prior to the revolution Haiti was the richest and most oppressive colony in the Americas. The revolution was so violent and bloody that Haiti has not recovered to this day. These refugees, both black and white started coffee and sugar cane production in eastern Cuba. They also brought their Afro-French culture and religions to add one more ingredient to the Mullato culture of Cuba. Sr Rojas and the entire group come from Guantánamo, the eastern-most province of Cuba, and are descendants of these Haitian refugees. His research specialty is the investigation of Voodo in Guantánamo. Bán Rarra performs the results of his research, displaying the Cuban-Haitian traditions that are alive in eastern Cuba. The group consists of thirteen individuals; six dancers and seven musicians, some of whom also dance. The group, while performing dances and music handed down from previous generations is also highly trained. The dancers are all graduates of the dance ...

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