Jazz made for youngers? Pop with no lyrics? Music with no conventionalism? This is Banalizando, instrumental band from Brazil that arose from the ideas and musical experiments of high school friends Pig and Tide, where many references were mixed, like dialogues from B-movies and pre-programmed eletronic beats from a weird keyboard with only two octaves. In the middle of 2002, Banalizando turned into a power trio: Xuxa brought something heavier, also a swing to the band, and they decided to get rid off of the key element of the modern commercial music: the voice, questioning the heritage of the spoken word sang in Brazilian music, from new narrative forms. The band exploits its two main characteristics: the unworried worrying about not being labelled and the diversity of pop influences, from the eletronic music to funk, from samba to latin music, as cumbia or bolero. These elements altogether make the production one great sonorous mess, including moments that come from the most swinging groove to the trashiest guitar distortion, always having the composition as the focus. A rock attitude, swinging grooves and a light but fundamental influence from jazz, Banalizando shows an alive sound, fast, and with no commitments. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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