There are at least 3 artists by this name. 1. Formed by Cesar Banana Pueyrredon (b. in Buenos Aires, 1952), BANANA play a somewhat typical symphonic prog with a strong emphasis on guitar and vocals. The youngest of eight children, Cesar's rather timid disposition prompted him to take refuge in piano playing. He took lessons, attended the Catholic University (Argentina) and got together with brothers and friends for a few jams. Eventually, they decided to take on the name BANANA and in 1979, they released an album which boasted honourable sales in South America (Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama). Their album, entitled Aun Es Tiempo De Sonar shows a variety of influences ranging from YES to NEKTAR, FOCUS, KAIPA, GENESIS and CAMEL. 2. Banana is czech music band founded in 2002 at Ostrava, Czech Republic (Europe). Unusual face of this band is mainly given by its superb singer Vladivojna La Chia, rest of the band consist of Radim Hájek (drums), Dalibor Krystyn (guitar) and Marek Zeman (bass-guitar). Their debut was same named album Banana (2003), during years 2004-2006 they made a lot of concerts together with bands Waltari (fi), Vypsaná fixa (cz) and others. 3. Serbian pop-rock/power-pop band active in period 1985-1988 in former Yugoslavia. Banana was formed in 1985 in Belgrade. They released their debut album Ponoćni pasaži (Midnight Sections) in 1986 in the following lineup: Aleksandra Toković (daughter of the famous composer Dragan Toković...

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