Band A Part There have been very few times that we’ve listened to such a dignified successor to the Spanish-made pop from sixties, bands like PICNIC and FORMULA V, but that is also able at the same time to update its discourse with such ease and ability, taking bands like BELLE & SEBASTIAN, FITNESS FOREVER and NIZA as references. And the official debut from Coral and Javi contains four songs that are authentic gems, delicious and luminous, arranged with unusual mastery and with melodies that slide into your head with a surprising ease. “No sé por qué”, and “Sputnik, mi amor” justify the expectations they had built up with their demos, which also slipped them among the best demos of 2008 for the audience of the Radio 3 program Disco Grande, and which won the demo contest at the Festival Contempopránea 2008. A surprising band (listen to the way people rush to the dance floor, along the line of LA CASA AZUL, and the crazy structure of “Wendy James”) that will undoubtedly win over a huge number of pop fans with this single. Imperative, starting now. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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