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2014 FINALLY new BAND ANE RELEASE: Anish Music Caravan hear some of the new songs here: Buy new album: Anish Music Caravan reviews: Keep up with Band Ane: Band Ane = Ane Østergaard. There are no rules about what to do and not to do and she’s not afraid of mixing of genres. After an extremely well reviewed concert at Roskilde Festival 2006 and a year with more media coverage than most other unreleased artists in Denmark could ever dream of, the long expected debut of Band Ane, “Anish music,” is to be released. The talented girl is an extremely out-turned and spellbinding live artist, and along with her Mr. Laptop as she calls her computer, she has performed at a large scale of festivals all over Scandinavia. Most of the times with reviews that almost exceeded the amount of possible stars in the reviews. The just 23-year old Ane Østergaard from Aarhus in Denmark is an extremely talented producer, and a long expected feminine touch on a male dominated electronic music scene. Band Ane is producing melodic and well-composed electronic music, full of life and atmospheres and her approach to the music is anarchistic - completely without any rules of what to do and not to do. Ane Østergaard was brought up listening to experimental...

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