Band Of Joy

There are two bands using this name 1> A 1960s rock band from Birmingham, England. Formed by Robert Plant in 1966 and formed again in 2010 (same band name, different musicians with Plant). In the 60s the last of several line-ups included Robert Plant and John Bonham who went on to join Led Zeppelin. Also notable, the band's roadie was Noddy Holder. The earliest incarnation of the group was formed in 1966 by Plant. Conflicts with the band's management led to Plant leaving the group after a few months. He quickly tried to form his own Band of Joy, but it soon folded. A third incarnation of the band, including Plant's childhood friend John Bonham, lasted from 1967 to mid-1968. Their brand of soul and blues was popular with Birmingham mods. The final 60's lineup recorded a number of demo recordings in early 1968, but broke up in May 1968 when a recording contract failed to materialize. In 2010 Robert Plant and Band Of Joy launched a tour - the one musician in common being Robert Plant with a whole new cast of players now called the Band Of Joy. 1967–1968 lineup * Robert Plant — lead vocals * Kevyn Gammond — guitar, vocals * Chris Brown — organ * Paul Lockey — bass guitar, guitar, vocals * John Bonham — drums 2010 lineup * Robert Plant — lead vocals * Patty Griffin - vocals * Buddy Miller, guitar, vocals * Darrell Scott - multi instrumentalist, vocals * Byron House - bass guitar, vocals * Marco Giovino - drums and percussion, vocals 2> A Swedish band founded o...

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