Band With No Name

Band With No Name is a rock band from Detroit, USA, which includes ex-Dry Cell vocalist and the X Factor USA season 3 runner-up Jeff Gutt. While performing acoustically in 2005, frontman, Jeff Gutt, met guitarist, Gary Pittel at a local night club. Inspired by Jeff’s unique vocals, Gary approached him with the idea of working together. Although not interested in starting a new project at the time, Jeff changed his mind after hearing his song, “Loser”, put to an arrangement composed by Gary that can only be described as brilliant. Recognizing each other’s undeniable talent, the two musicians knew they had stumbled onto something worth pursuing and decided to collaborate. It wasn’t long before Jeff and Gary were recording tracks in Gary’s studio laying the groundwork for their future hits. However, the time eventually came for Jeff to return to LA and his now former band, Dry Cell, putting their project on hold. When Jeff permanently returned to Detroit, MI he and Gary picked up where they left off, hitting the studio full force. Songs such as “Animal Like” and “Criminal” were turned out within days. With the foundation now laid, Jeff and Gary began seeking out the right musicians to form the remainder of the band. Bassist Ben Lula, drummer Aaron Hutchinson, and keyboardist Justin “Antic” Hackman were chosen and Band With No Name (BWNN) was born. To date, Band With No Name has shared the stage with such acts as Evans Blue, Kittie, Taproot, Critical Bill, HUSH...

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