Band of Frequencies

Sol Carroll - Singer/Guitarist OJ Newcomb – Acoustic & Electric Bass Mark Henman - Drums The Sunshine Coast's ‘Band of Frequencies’ bring together elements of soul, psychedelic rock, funk and reggae, blending them all into a hearty roots stew fit to satisfy the hunger of the soul. Sol Carroll fronts the band on guitar and vocals. He plays effortlessly and intuitively, with an almost percussive style at times, and has a unique approach to creating sounds on guitars that has been widely acclaimed by audiences and fellow musicians alike, both at home and abroad. His vocals have a husky, soulful quality, which compliments his raw and honest lyrics. With Oj (the juice) Newcomb on Bass and Mark Lansbury ‘the ginger wolf’ Henman on drums they form a cohesive and explosive trio that plays with an intensity so bright it’s like they’re breathing fire underwater. Band of Frequencies are a relatively new group on the scene, but they’re really more like a new branch on what is an extensive family tree. They have emerged from the fertile East Coast and Brisbane creative community, spread their branches abroad and have sunk their roots into some heavy grooves in their travels. They have played together for years in the internationally renowned world beat group Afro Dizzi Act, and their passion for exploring new sounds constantly pushes the limits of their musical expression. Sol coined the term ‘Free Soul’ to describe their music, drawing influence from the ethos o...

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