As today’s music continues to change rapidly and rap groups declining Bandkamp’s unique style and approach is destined to leave listeners yearning for more. Bandkamp, based out of Orange County, California, is comprised of the Midwest sound of G-Wiz, hailing from Indiana by way of Kentucky, G.I. Fleezy from Indiana and the southern sound of Jimmy Renegade from Houston, Texas. Being influenced by artists from all over they each have a unique sound that blends with each other like finely tuned instruments. Not only do they have the sound but they have stellar in-house production that allows them to be up and comers as Hip-Hop’s elite .Contrary to popular belief that Hip-Hop is dead, Bandkamp’s debut album is purposely titled “Hip-Hop Ain’t Dead,” showing the world that Hip-Hop is here to stay. Bandkamp wants to set a new standard in the music industry on an international level. After garnering individual acclaim in the mix-tape circuit G-Wiz, G.I. Fleezy and Jimmy Renegade came together in 2006 to form Bandkamp. Having already shared the stage with some of music industry’s top names Bandkamp has captivated audiences all across the globe. Their use of creative marketing techniques targeting the streets to international audiences appears that they had a professional marketing team pushing their album, but it’s their personal hard work getting it out there. When asked what sets them apart from every other group out there, Jimmy Renegade replies “There’s been ...

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