Many moons ago Dave met Andrew and Andrew met Dave, at about the same time. Both had things in common; an addiction of music, enjoying the occasion bite of jazz and a love of being slightly different from the rest. This then took the form in the first song 'The Moon is Made of Cheese'. With Dave on drums and Andrew on guitar/vocals they lacked one instrument, the bass. Conveniently after a few years Oli appeared; Dave saw him, Andrew saw him, both saw him playing the bass and playing it well, this was perfect so Oli was soon ushered into the band. Oli was educated in jazz, funk and being a little bit different, he picked it up quickly as he was a natural. As the band got better at their instruments and played together, songs started to emerge. The first song 'Classical Greenhouse' was inspired by a bass line Oli plucked out of his imagination and chords were quickly added on the guitar and when Dave had finally setup, a funky beat was woven into the track. This is how most of the music has been written, an idea, a improvised composition session and then the tweaking. The name Band_C came from trying to find a band email address, hence the underscore. As some may know they where formally known as Badger's and Countrymen, this is far to long for an email address so they tried B_and_C it did not like this so they removed an '_' to get [email protected], the band enjoyed the name Band_C for a few minutes and then decided it only made sense to stick with it. In 2004 the band ...

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