Banda Dzeta

A radical folk-off brass band Banda Dzeta first brawled in 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Featuring expressive bass guitar, plinky ukulele, viola, trumpets, trombones, tuba and double drum section, Banda Dzeta gives high energy performances. Their music revolves around the unique combination of folk, balkan, klezmer, jazz, rock, avant-garde motifs, and even poetry texts. The band‘s love of folklore goes widely, and not only Lithuanian, but also Hungarian, Polish, Turkish and Serbian music traditions and themes are incorporated into their songs. Since several compositions include vocals, here the three sisters give the charm! That was fucking awesome! cried out the head of the weighty Krakow festival while the Clash ( ) reviewer adored a beefy drummer and a five-piece brass section to make what could be the theme to a rural Baltic James Bond film. Banda Dzeta has surely tried diverse audiences and a variety of venues – performed at significant festival and clubs stages, like Jewish Culture Festival (Krakow, PL), International Folk Music Festival Mikołajki Folkowe (Lublin, PL), European Juggling Convention, Vilnius Music Week (Vilnius, LT), was also featured on the National TV and Radio Channel (LRT Opus, LT), even rocked at the Energy Museum stage surrounded by the steam turbines! The gang have toured in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine. In 2011 the album ‘Shortly and Loudly’ was released! Read more on User-contributed t...

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