Banda La Autentica De Jerez

Jerez Banda La Authentic musical career began on December 12, 1993 in Jerez, Zacatecas, making his first appearance in San Martín Bolaños, Jalisco, having a great acceptance by the public, made his first tour of art in America with the support of Zacatecas clubs in Los Angeles, California Brotherhood Club America. His first album was performed by Los Angeles Cal Titled hidden which was a great success in both Mexico and the United States. After he made his second recording entitled A Night of Love which was successful on The St. Paul Rodeo, The King of the coleaderos. Following his musical career made several presentations throughout the U.S., where they had the opportunity to meet and record his third album with the Valenzuela brothers, entitled I know that you're gone which had great success kis themes Zacatecas, The Boy Happy and For No Reason and thus making him known to all his audience. Again recording made it fourth Angeles CA. Which was entitled Jerez 2000 by giving welcome to 2000, of which his first cut was Pavido Návido being one of the most successful tunes which was accepted by all Mexicans of all states located in the Mexican Republic United States, thus launching his second cut entitled 24 Hour with greater acceptance and which was successful in all radios of the American Union being nominated for Best Band of the Year, among which were the lists to the Banda El Recodo, the band Lemon and The Real de Jerez . Continuing work on their presentations, was nom...

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