Banda Pelillos

BANDA Pelillo BORN TO SUCCEED! In 1987, 16 young restless, joined to form what eventually became a musical power. Banda Pelillo is made up of boys from the state of Jalisco, Buenavista de Canedo to be exact. It propusierona study music, sacrificing their free time while we were still all about children and adolescents, dedicating it to test the popular songs of his time, playing through a festive event that took place in his hometown and its surrounding villages. They were the official musicians of all weddings, quinceaneras and dances of all kinds, besides playing in the square of the town every Sunday. La Banda Pelillo corde took its name from his youth, because in the region is grown sugar cane plant and when it is first thing that springs called nap and then turned the cane. Pelillo was named by the people of Buenavista de Canedo that still encourages your support so that the projected popularity to the pinnacle of success. Soon the band became a favorite of the region, being admired by all older people, for the energy and talent of each team. The girls admire them because they say they are cute in a nutshell the Banda Pelillo is quite a sensation throughout the region will not forsake his audience that follows since all its actions and not disappoint those that are considering continuing his sacrifice has provided great satisfaction for their dedication in turning them around winners being considered by their twitters as a synonym for success. In 1991 were discovered...

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