Banda do Casaco

Banda do Casaco are a Portuguese Prog-Folk band active from 1974 to 1984 considered by some to be one of Portugal's greatest Progressive rock bands. Their seminal album was the Hoje h? Conquilhas, Amanh? n?o Sabemos released in 1976. After the failure of the Filarm?nica Fraude project, more for political reasons than quality, Ant?nio Pinho (singer) and Lu?s Linhares (keys) joined with the ex Musica Novarum member Nuno Rodrigues (vocals and guitar) and Celso de Carvalho (Cello and Double bass) to form the group Banda do Casaco. Many guest musicians passed through the band in their active period and many used the band as a springboard for their own careers. The first album released was 1975's Dos Benef?cios de um Vendido no Reino dos Bonif?cios followed by Coisas do Arco da Velha in 1976 which won the Album of the Year award in Portugal, notable for the appearance of C?ndida Branca Flor on vocals. Their most renowned and considered by some, their most experimental, album was their 1977 release Hoje h? Conquilhas, Amanh? n?o Sabemos which featured Ant?nio Pinheiro da Silva on guitar, R?o Kyao on saxophone and Gabriela Schaaf on vocals. They went on to release Contos da Barbearia in 1978 followd by No Jardim da Celeste in 1981 which featured the inclusion of female singer N? Ladeiras and Jerry Marotta, Peter Gabriel's former drummer.The band played live on only three occasions: at Aula Magna, Festa de S. Mateus in Viseu and Casa do Povo in Cacia. In 1982 Pinho left the group to ...

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