Bandabardò was formed on March 8th 1993. The leader and singer of the band, Enrico Erriquez Greppi met Alessandro Finaz Finazzo who, at that time, played the electric guitar. Greppi then convinced him to start playing the acoustic guitar. The idea was that the songs had to be simple, full of vitality, like when you are among your friends around a bonfire (falò in italian, is a massive part of Italian folklore culture). The other members of the band are Andrea Orla Orlandini (electric guitar), Marco Donbachi Bachi (bass), Alessandro Nuto Nutini (drums) and Ramon (drums). Here is the Manifesto of Bandabardò: We have fully joined the cause of the fricchettoni (freaks) and their leader Fernandez. We want the revolution of human relationships and of racial and cultural mixture. We fight for a woman and child sized-world, in order to see joy and gentleness triumph one day. Albums: Il Circo Mangione (1996) Iniziali bì-bì (1998) Mojito Football club (2000) Bondo! Bondo! (2002) Tre Passi Avanti (2004) Fuori Orario (2006) Ottavio (2008) Live: Barbaro Tour (1999) Se Mi Rilasso...Collasso (2001) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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