Bandeira de Combate


The band was formed at 1988 in a working class neighborhood of Salvador/Bahia. The first members were Hilton (vocal), Tonho (drum), Geraldo (guitar), Bira (bass) and Márcio (guitar). The idea to create the band came from the partenership and friendship between 3 old friends of the band, Hilton, Tonho and Bira and the necessity to show to the youth of the neighborhood different ideas and music of what they were accustumed to listen. In the start, like every skin band, they have suffered persecution by the part of people that didn't understand the purpose of the band. The first songs already demonstrate the identificacion of the band with the nationalist scene and the dissatisfaction with the political national scene. At 1993 Geraldo, Márcio and Tonho migrate to São Paulo and Fadel joined the band. They've done many concerts across the country. Making the the scene grow with other local bands like Histeria and Vírus 27 the national skinhead scene. Since always all members of the band took part actively with the skin scene and this attitude helped much more to get more respect of the skinheads. There was recorded only a compilation by rotten records, a french compact, a LP at USA and more independent productions. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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