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Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution (commonly abbreviated BOTAR) is an acoustic band started by Tomas Kalnoky. Often viewed as a precursor to Streetlight Manifesto, BOTAR is recognized as something of a side-project. 2001 marked the release of their only recording to date, A Call To Arms. With 5 songs, including an updated version of Catch 22's Dear Sergio, and the future Streetlight Manifesto song Here's To Life, this collection marked something of a transition for Kalnoky. Since Streetlight's inception, BOTAR has been on hiatus. Kalnoky has promised to release new music for both of his projects in 2006. Streetlight have often played the song They Provide the Paint for the Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On The Inside Of Your Eyelids at their New Jersey shows. From The Botar Website- BOTAR is about to start recording its first full length. The plan is to release it around the same time or slightly after Streetlight gets its record done. But we're dealing with you-know-who here so expect it sometime before the end of our current decade BOTAR's next album came out on 9/9/08 via the Streetlight Manifesto myspace:A few years ago, when BOTAR (Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution) released it's first (and so far only) record, there was a mention in the liner notes of a large project called 99 Songs of Revolution. This is a collection of 99 cover songs, spanning all kinds of genres, all kinds of artists. Now, a few years later, it's all going down. And here are the...

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